17 March 2015 - 08: 33

The most anticipated by eleven commissions dianenses time has come: finally see in all its glory the monuments that represent them for the next three days on the streets. Tonight, from the 21 hours, we will know the rewards of the failures large, also we narrate you live from our social networks. Before, we toured the city to show images Dénia 2015 failures.

Special Section

Falla Baix la Mar

Artist: Josep Sanchís i Izquierdo
Motto: Asia on pararem

Falla Baix la Mar 2015

Falla West

Artist: I Serra Palace
Motto: Noces d'or

Falla West 2015

Falla Center

Artist: Pere Baenas
Motto: Barbaritats

2015 fails Center

Paris Falla Pedrera

Artist: Falles Borriana, SL
Motto: The power of the donut

Paris Falla Pedrera 2015

section One

Falla Saladar

Artist: José Sanchís Izquierdo
Motto: The things of love

Falla Saladar 2015

Falla Port Rotes

Artist: I Serra Palace
Motto: Behold deus

Falla Port Rotes 2015

Diana fails

Artist: Rafa Cheli Collado
Motto: Carnestoltes to Denia

Diana Falla 2015

Darrere Falla del Castell

Artist: Dino García Escrivà
Motto: In pa i vi anem fent camí

Darrere failure of castell 2015

Falla Les Roques

Artist: Pachi
Motto: Això of Miami, was not corrupció. Aco yes

Falla Les Roques 2015

Falla Campaments

Artist: Rafa Cheli
Motto: Save the nature

Falla Campaments 2015

Falla Camp Roig

Artist: Rafa Cheli
Motto: Birthday

Falla Camp Roig 2015

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