The most delicious personalized cocas at La Coqueria

03 June 2019 - 12: 04

Enjoy the most delicious cocas in The Coqueria. Customize your coca with the combination of ingredients that you like the most. There are countless ingredients and toppings!

For their salted cocas, they have onion and tomato, natural tomato, ratatouille, spinach, onion and peas, shredded egg, anchovy, tuna, cream of goat cheese, caramelized onion, prawn and chard, poached apple, sobrasada and blood sausage. And to accompany, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit powder, almond crocant, arugula or honey.

The Coqueria also offers you five suggestions of personalized cocas:

1. Caramelized onion, cream of goat cheese, arugula and pumpkin seeds.
2. Roasted botifarra with tomato jam and dried fruit powder.
3. Handmade sobrasada with honey and pips.
4. Poached apple with botifarra and crispy onion.
5. Spinach with caramelized onions and seeds.

Choose from your special coca of 'forat fregida' (fried), recipe recovered from your grandmother, grilled corn coke and baked coca.

And in their sweet cocas, you can choose between their ingredients, such as chocolate, jams or honey and their toppings, lacasitos, almond crocant and sunflower seeds. A delight!

After five years approaching the best traditional cuisine on wheels, La Coquería opens its doors in Dénia so that you can enjoy the artisanal cues made with natural products.

La Coquería, a gastronomic proposal with a traditional flavor, in Avinguda de Castelló, 4 bajo.

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