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The Cadets won Dénia Básquet after extra time at CB. San Blas (52-55)

18 March 2015 - 00: 01

The last day played by federated youth teams Dénia Básquet It was positive, since some of these sets achieved important triumphs. One of the winning teams was the Cadet Femenino that brought an important victory of the track of the CB. San Blas to win after an extension by 52 to 55.

Party femenio San Blas-Dénia cadets Basketball

A very balanced start in the game and the score. Both teams moved in very short advantages until the third quarter. A great quarter of the dianenses gave as fruit a valuable advantage of 14 points that seemed definitive. In the second part, San Blas showed his best game and went back until the match was equal and he entered the final straight with everything to be decided.

So much so, that they reached the end of the 40 minutes with a draw on the scoreboard. In the extension the dianenses were more tenacious and took a well-deserved and deserved victory of the Alicante track.

Another victory came from the hand of the infantile 01 that won the CB. Cabo Mar by 80 to 46. The Dénia Básquet made a good first part pressing his rival who showed difficulties to overcome the defense raised by the players trained by Maje Sánchez.

Precisely the defense was undoubtedly the key that allowed the dianenses to score 80 points, many of them under the basket. And above all, go clearly to the rest, 44-20. Two players from Cabo Mar stood out above all others. And the players of Dénia had to apply to be able to stop them, because between both they finished scoring the 46 points of their team.

The male child 02 clearly outperformed the CB. Santa Teresa who won in the Joan Fuster pavilion by 82 to 40. The players directed by Bernardo Sanz did not start sufficiently focused. They made an unconvincing first part. In the resumption changed attitude and with a good defense were securing a new victory that continues to keep this team undefeated in their group.

Bernardo Sanz with his children from the Infant 02

The 99 Men's Cadet team beat the CB. Lucentum by 72 to 58. A triumph that allows the dianenses to reach the leadership of group C of the Preferential League. The Alicante sent with slight advantages until the break (38-40). The second part of the home team came to demonstrate the team's excellent moment of play by leaving their opponent in 18 points while their attack remained constant until the end of the match (72-58). There are still four hard commitments but the stay in 1 Autonomic Level and the semifinals of the preferred category are now closer.

The other side of the coin, the defeats

The defeats this week were for the Women's 02 that fell to Valencia Bàsket by 58 to 12. Despite the defeat, the dianenses players played a good game. Especially applying a lot in defensive work. Note that with respect to the first leg was reduced to the score of Valencia in 50 points.

This effort and the good physical build of the rival players made it difficult for Dénia to score fluently. In addition, his rival marked the difference thanks to the quality in his outside shot.

The male child 01 fell in the Joan Fuster pavilion before the CB. Adesavi by 31 to 52, in a game in which the final score did not reflect the equality that was in the game.

The players trained by Hayzam Luna were not intimidated and made the best first half of the season. Much defensive intensity, controlled the rebound on both sides of the track despite being Adesavi a top team physically.

The second part was marked by the little success of the dianenses that despite having numerous clear opportunities to score, did not succeed. This made it very difficult to come back on the scoreboard, reaching the end of the 31 match with 52

The male cadet of the 00 fell in his visit to Calpe by 68 to 36. The players trained by Bernardo Sanz could not get to compete for the game in the Calpino pavilion. His rival was physically much superior both in the rebound and in his defense. He discarded any attempt to score Dénia, while the visitors were not comfortable at any time of the game.

Dénia Basketball Cadet 00

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