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Marqués de Campo sidewalks have been treated with anti-slip products

12 June 2014 - 17: 47

Since the 90 years the main artery of the city has been remodeled, there have been many complaints about the danger posed by the material from which the sidewalks were made, a real danger when it has rained or when the first leaves of the autumn.

To avoid these slips, the council of works and services has carried out this week a non-slip treatment on the pavement that will improve the safety of pedestrians.

During the nights of Tuesday and Wednesday, the tiles were cleaned first, then the non-slip product was sprayed creating a roughness and roughness that improves the grip of the footwear.

It is a durable product with a four-year performance guarantee, and does not damage the polished natural marble of the sidewalk pavement. In addition, the warranty includes free annual maintenance of the treated floor.

Calle Marqués field

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