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Long lines and strong protection measures in the respectful first day of the open air market

May 08 from 2020 - 11: 46

The open-air fruit and vegetable market has reopened after almost two months confined. The health crisis, like most businesses, forced the vendors of the stalls to give up their stops in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, on the fifth day of Phase 0 (and perhaps the last Friday before entering Phase 1), vendors have reinstalled their stalls. Now, in a new location and, of course, a completely different scenario than the one they found on their last day of work.

The market has been moved to La Vía street by decision of the City Council, which states that it leaves much more space for traffic while maintaining the safety distance. In addition, the route is compulsory one-way, from the area of ​​the Toy Museum to Diana street, in order to prevent buyers from crossing.

Also to enter the new regulations must be respected, taking turns to ensure that many people do not accumulate inside the market, which has created long queues at the entrance this morning. In addition, the use of masks, gloves and disinfectant gel that facilitate at the entrance is mandatory.

Despite all these new rules of the game, it can be said that the day goes by normally or, better said, with "new normality", the famous oxymoron that seems to be here to stay. People have been respectful and, as we indicated before, within the makeshift enclosure the safety distance was more than assured. Even in queues people waited at a distance from each other.

For this to happen, there has been a large deployment of Civil Protection volunteers and local police who have made sure that everything could develop without endangering the health of buyers and sellers.

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