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González Laboratories, your greater peace of mind for analysis and health tests

18 October 2018 - 08: 09

En laboratories González They work every day to offer you the best analysis and tests to detect problems in your health.

If you require a specific analysis, they are the professionals that are looking for, since they have numerous tests where you can obtain reliable and short-term results.

Among the analytics they perform are: biochemistry, hematology, serology, hormones, tumor markers or fertility.

Melisa Test

This type of test is perfect to detect hypersensitivity to metals. Patients suffering from this pathology can have numerous symptoms associated with an activated immune system influencing chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, cognitive deterioration, depression, headaches, fibromyalgia, among others.

Sexually transmitted diseases test

For the tranquility of your partner and yours, Laboratorios González puts at your disposal ETS, analysis for the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases through molecular biology techniques. This state-of-the-art method can detect minimal amounts of viruses and bacteria much more accurately than classical diagnostic techniques such as cultures ...

It is indicated to detect diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomonas, chlamydia, herpes, Human Papilloma Virus, etc.

Trust Laboratorios González for your analyzes and health tests. For more information, call 965 780 290.

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