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The xicalla of Les Roques forgets the technology to enjoy in the presentation of Alma Miralles

November 19 from 2018 - 20: 07

Our dependence on technology has reached levels unthinkable years ago. Our life revolves, often times, around a screen, and can lead us to forget about personal relationships. Therefore, the Les Roques fails bet to remember the children we have inside in the presentation of their child charges, Alma Miralles and Iker Costa.

To begin the act, the faller René Miralles took the floor to make the public reflect before the act, whose presentation was given by Emma Miralles and Marcos Gimeno. But they were not alone, next to them was the most talkative reporter, the frog Gustavo.

The three were in charge of giving way to what happened on the stage. First, welcome the president, Iker Costa, who received the children's commission. To welcome Alma, a dancer led him to the center stage, where his brother Marc and his cousin Miriam handed him the band and the bouquet.

Next, Marc Femenia and Carla Miranda, his predecessors in office, addressed some words of farewell to the attendees to make way for the most special moment, that of the exaltation of Alma. It was his father, Abel, who went on stage to address his daughter and highlight his introverted but very special character.

In the turn of tributes, Alma received the affection of the Comissió de Festes de la Santíssima Trinitat; the Convent de Pego fault; the Comissió de Festes de la Mare de Deu; the party councilor, Óscar Mengual; the charges of the fault, Gemma and Álex; and the major infantile faller of Dénia, Neus Suárez.

Finally, Alma and Iker addressed the audience with two brief speeches of gratitude and received, in turn, the affection of their family and friends in the form of warm applause.

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  1. José Femenia says:

    A very emotional act with purely Valencian roots.

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