Back to school

05 September 2011 - 15: 18

After so many days on vacation, going back to school is always a hard adaptation not only for children, but also for parents. The early risers, the rush, the routines, the schedules ... It will depend a lot on our attitude so that children face this situation successfully.

Although we must always be attentive, and although at first it costs a little, all children adapt in a few days; even so it is advisable that we make it easier and more pleasant to return to the classes.

What can we do to face back to school without problems?

First, it is imperative make them see the positive aspects: reunion with classmates, new friends, excursions and school visits ... It is advisable with children who start school for the first time, to talk with them about what it is to go to school, what they will do there, what they will learn. .. and above all it is very important that we accompany them on the first day of the beginning of classes; you have to live this first day with enthusiasm and in a positive way so that they can face it without problems.

Second, it is advisable communicate daily with our children; live your day to day; that make us partakers of their daily experiences, of their achievements, of their failures, of their doubts ... It is important to be able to encourage or guide them in order to transmit security and confidence in what they do.

Finally, we must not overload them with extracurricular activities; In addition, you must create a daily eating habits, sleep and hours spent studying for that to make your daily routine more bearable and can cope with tiredness, fatigue, apathy or boredom that can create classes.

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