Unió Ciclista Montgó has new leadership

29 July 2015 - 13: 06

La Unió Ciclista It montgó ha cambiado su directiva tras la Asamblea Extraordinaria que celebraron el pasado viernes día 24. Una asamblea que solo presentó un único punto en el orden del día que fue, el de cambio de directiva. En dicha asamblea únicamente se presentó la candidatura encabezada por Javier Camarena Mena, la cual fue aprobada por unanimidad de los socios presentes en la misma.

Javier Camarena with some members of its board

In addition to the new board president, Javier Camarena are also; Emilio Gavilá as Vice President, Antonio Bonilla in the post of Secretary, David Bonete who holds the position of Treasurer and members; Angel Diaz, Jose Ripoll, José Manuel Balaguer, Juan Bueno, Juan José Mañas, Máximo Peñaranda and Vicente Villar.

The new president, noted, "First I want to thank the invaluable work that our former president Manolo Díaz has done over the years. He has managed to unite different cycling groups in our town promoting the club and publicizing our region visitors".

In addition, Camarena said, "Two cyclists marches "La Gamba" that have been made so far are a clear example of their work, as they were successful participation and organization".

The new president, advocates of continuity with the work done and wish projects reach out to the town hall to help have a city adapted to cycling and to promote this alternative tourism is booming.

"We must seize the advantage of having a region with superb conditions for practicing bicycle road to the mountain "Said Camarena

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