UD. Tavernes stopped the CD. Dénia on their way to promotion

May 02 from 2015 - 09: 36

UD. Tavernes stopped the CD. Dénia On their way to promotion to tie one in the clash played in the municipal area of ​​Tavernes.

Mono author of the goal of Dénia in Tavernes

At the start of shock the locals were those who bore the brunt of the game. When the fifteen minutes was met mostly ball possession had its fruit, and the referee punished the dianenses a penalty for hands GervasioThat Xavi Torres managed to score.

Having conceded the goal, men coaching Fernando Maestre They took control of the game. In the final stretch of the first half, Josep had a very clear that he was not able to solve. Then it was Panucci who also took the danger to the local goal. The scoreboard did not move and the players retired to the locker room with the local advantage by 1 to 0.

He started the second half with a dominator Dénia before a Tavernes who merely defended with order. At quincce minutes, the local Victor was sent off after a second yellow card. Local they ceded much the ball field and the dianenses that despite their greater command not found a way to break the defense.

The whole of Master put all the meat in the spit conscious that he needed to score. The visitor came in the final stretch of the match. Souhe left all the rivals that came his way, and put a ball for Mono to push him to the bottom of the net.

Detracted six minutes to the end and both teams could win. Local occasion had Vicent Talens but his shot hit the bar. The last party was for Josep dianenses but did not achieve much that he had given the victory to the whole Marina Alta.

At the end a draw that is not worth the CD. Denia and won the UE.Gandía the SD. Swedish and charges a two-point lead over dianenses. dianenses these tables may have meant goodbye to the chance to play the ascent promotion.


YOU. TavernesSanti (Josep, 42 '); David Rallo, Edu Rallo, Aaron, Victoria, Rivera, Victor, D. Alberola (Cabe, 61 '), Xavi Torres, Vicent Brines (Mores, 77') and Joan Talens (Vicent Talens, 57 ').

CD. Dénia: Maxi; Cardona, Paco, Gervase, Alex (Faye, 60 '), Ferran (Elias, 67'), Josep, Panucci, Souhé, Angel (Ayoze, 74 ') and Mono (Gimenez 86').

goals: 1-0 Xavi Torres penalty (12 '); 1-1 Mono (83 ').

Referee: López Larrosa ,. She warned by local part to David Rallo, Joan Talens, Aaron and Victoria and visitors part Ferran, Maxi and Cardona. In addition, he expelled the local Victor for two yellow cards (60 ') and coach of Tavernes, Edu Revert, a direct red (85').

  1. pepper says:

    Too late the coaching change and at this stage auditioning ...
    Players like Fayé out of shape ... etc

  2. bubaca says:

    great season, yes sir.
    stay another year.
    great management, yes sir.
    another year we will be preferential, yes sir.
    triple next season we will have partners, yes sir.

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