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The total transformation of a kitchen and a living room with Reformas Integrales Macamon

16 July 2019 - 10: 46

Does your house need to adapt to new needs? Improve your quality of life and turn your home into what you have always dreamed of. Integral Reforms Macamon It helps you get it.

In this apartment, the new spaces are full of light and freshness, by white and blue. The idea is to update and expand a space that had suffered over time.

For that, the architect Mayte Capellino visits the place and her team carries out the project and the budget, always in contact with the client.

The reform begins with the aim of making it fast and clean, and avoiding customer concerns. Integral Reforms Macamon gives a special value to the quality of materials and design.

If you like this reform and you imagine your house like that, call the 690 940 228.

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