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The electrical storm rages against Dénia to make the situation more dramatic

01 2020 April - 22: 06

Hardly a couple of hours ago that night has fallen, the streets are empty, the city lights are "half gas" and there is no sound. Until the heavy rain falls and with it comes the thunderstorm. Almost an apocalyptic picture that many horror movies would already want.

We are still locked in our houses and the time has been used to let off steam, with rainfall for several days of those who have lived, and several of those who are about to live. The same weather has gone from dramatic, but at least it allows us for an instant to change today, thanks to the blue lighting offered by the rays, the monotonous landscape that has accompanied us through the window since the confinement began.

  1. Josep Sanz says:

    Definitely denia.com is a cave of loved ones of the psoe.

  2. Dani says:

    CORONAVIRUS DELS COLLONS I dedicate it to Rafa Carrio.

  3. Dani says:

    A DANA WOULD COME BETTER FOR US, to worsen the damages and that the Government has to spend more money. That they give the SANITARY MATERIAL, I WANT TO FINISH WITH THIS FUCKING SYSTEM

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