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Socialist Rosa Mustafá accused of false budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana

November 03 from 2014 - 18: 11

Socialist deputies in the Valencian Parliament, Jordi Serra and Rosa Mustafá have made a first assessment of the Budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana of 2015, those that refer to the capital of the Marina Alta.

Rosa Mustafá Grimatl with Vicente and Jordi Serra

Mustafa has said, " are the budgets of the irresponsibility and the end of cycle of the Popular Party in Dénia and Valencia"He has denounced that these are budgets"fake recorded as income as a total of 1.648 million euros that the Consell will get". He has accused the popular government of wanting to directly deceive the Valencians and the neighbors of Denia.

The Socialist deputy stressed that apart from the 550.000 € Day Center for dependent persons La Xara, no more investments in the municipality. The shortcomings of the municipality remain the same; no improvements in education nor in the Palace of Justice, or infrastructure. It has stressed the negative side, cuts in aid to the Fishermen, who once denounced his socialist group.

For his part, Jordi Serra, lamented that the only planned investment is the announcement of the construction of the occupational day center and said, "welcome this announcement, but we regret that this is announced once again just before the election date, as happened in the elections four years ago".

Both deputies announced that since its parliamentary group submitted amendments to the budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana, vindicating educational and health infrastructure in Dénia pending; the new conservatory, extension of IES María Ibars and the second Health Center.

Socialist spokesman, Vicent Grimalt, stressed that the expansion of Raquel Payá will be a top priority issue for the Consell's investments, when the socialists return to the government of the Generalitat in 2015. He regretted that " the government of Alberto Fabra y Ana Kringe They have not extended this center barracks when you have more than six years ago that the last socialist government land Paqui Viciano got to realize enlargement".

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