The pilgrimage to the hermitage of Santa Lucia persists thanks to the youngest

20 December 2018 - 09: 38

As every year in the month of December, the chapel of Santa Lucia of Denia celebrated the pilgrimage in honor of its patron. It was last Saturday, December 15, in the morning, when the surroundings of the hermitage were arranged for the celebration.

It is one of the most traditional celebrations of the municipality, which over the years has lost the great influx of public that is remembered in years ago. But fidelity to the saint does not disappear. On this occasion, the boys and girls of catechism and Juniors of San Antonio participated in the pilgrimage that took place during the morning.

At noon, Father Pepe Correcher officiated a mass in the exterior esplanade of the temple, attended by the children who participated in the pilgrimage and several parishioners who did not miss the appointment with the pilgrimage.

The jarring note this year was the lack of porrat, to the surprise of the organizers, who saw how, for the first time, the surroundings of this hermitage of conquest did not have any stop of typical sweets.

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