The revelation of deficiencies in the museums of Dénia forces to move the Museu Arqueològic to a new location

07 March 2023 - 12: 49

The Dénia City Council has announced an ambitious musealization project after an inspection carried out by the Ministry in 2020 indicated that the existing facilities were obsolete and lacked sufficient security to exhibit the pieces. The Councilor for Culture, Raul Garcia de la Reina, has explained that a private study was commissioned to identify the deficiencies and find solutions.

Among the deficiencies detected are the obsolete display cases, their poor sealing, the lack of accessibility of the facilities and information (lack of options for the blind such as Braille or audio guides), and the poor signage that lacks the inclusion of a third language (the English). To solve these problems, among other things, the decision has been made to move the Museu Arqueològic temporarily, although everything indicates that it will be for a long period, to the Casa de la Marquesa, on Cavallers street, where it will occupy the entire first floor . The space left empty in the Palau del Gobernador del Dénia Castle will become the first Interpretation Center of the city, with the name of Denia. watch city.

The Ministry's report was devastating, as admitted by the head of the Archeology and Museums area, Massu Sentí, pointing out that security measures were not complied with neither for the pieces nor for the visitors, as well as the lack of accessibility of the spaces. The Dénia City Council has promised to solve these problems during the next 5 years. For this, a private study was requested that has helped them find solutions and improvements for musealization.

The new space of the Casa de la Marquesa destined to house the Museu Arqueològic in the next 5 months will be divided into three sections by period: Roman, Islamic and post-Islamic. It will have new showcases for the pieces that have been on the air up to now, as well as audiovisual spaces for projections. In addition, the signage and information will be improved to facilitate the visit to the museum.

The pending debt of the city with its patrimony

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, has highlighted that the city owes a great debt to its heritage and its legacy, and that they should be the number one in the Valencian Community in terms of museums. From the Ministry they were told that they were not aware of everything they have in Dénia and that it would be a pity if they did not value it. For this reason, they have decided to face this challenge and improve the musealization of their heritage.

The musealization project is a great opportunity to improve the cultural and tourist offer of Dénia. With an adequate musealization, the cultural and heritage wealth of the city can be valued and attract a greater number of visitors. However, the council shows a special interest in making the history of the city known to the residents themselves. The City Council has thus committed to working over the next 5 years to convert the city's museums into a cultural and tourist reference point for the Valencian Community.

  1. Ana Echevarria Arsuaga says:

    It seems depressing to me that in a space like the castle, essential for the Valencian coast since the XNUMXth century, there is an exhibition with the name of watchtower city, when Vila Vella was in the XNUMXth century the capital of a political and commercial emporium for Taifa kingdoms, competing throughout the Mediterranean. And what interests is the eighteenth century? Well, the Dianenses will continue without knowing their history. Oh, and the lack of visits to the archaeological site is not due to the signage, but rather due to the endemic lack of permanent staff, team archaeologists, and continuity in culture policies… apart from the lack of communication between the castle and the lower area for all people who do not have a car or mobility.

  2. marili buch says:

    The archaeological one is the one in the market? A boy rides it better.
    It looks like the charms.
    When you have no idea, it is best to have the experts do it.

  3. Mamen says:

    Great idea! Now if the number of visitors will be reduced. There are always excuses for wasting money and not spending on what is necessary (basic infrastructure throughout the term). The building is recent and I would like to know the amount of the investment and who did it so badly according to the new opinion.

  4. Dani says:

    What they have to do is fix the part of the wall that is missing a piece that faces Llunatics.
    They should also do something in Ronda walls with the supposed "archaeological park" of the Morant garden.
    In short, more bad waste of money and space.

    • Ximo Alcubies says:

      The entrance to the castle should be free and not waste money in so many associations and beach bars of friends of political rope for manandurrias.