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The Santa Llúcia Nursing Home remains free of coronavirus

24 March 2020 - 16: 16

To date, no contagion with coronavirus has been registered in the Santa Llúcia Nursing Home. "Precautionary measures began long before the state of alarm was decreed", says Elisabet Cardona, Councilor for Senior Policies of the City of Dénia. This seems to be the key for the Residence to successfully confront the dreaded virus.

What precautions are being taken

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, indicated this Monday that of the 24 residences in the Valencian Community, three had suffered outbreaks. Remember that older people are the highest risk group in this pandemic. However, the forecast in the taking of measures has marked the current situation of the Santa Llúcia Residence in a positive way. Even so, precautions have been exacerbated over the days, as the regulations indicated.

Measures for internal persons

The most delicate residents (especially those with respiratory or heart failure) are isolated. In addition, common areas such as the dining room are not used, but food is served to each resident in their room. Family visits have been restricted, and the elderly are also unable to walk outside. Residents' hands are continually disinfected and their faces washed. According to the councilor, a few days ago there were suspicions about two possible cases of coronavirus, but the tests gave a negative result.

Measurements in the building

Every day it is cleaned with sodium hypochlorite, and the UME was disinfecting yesterday the garden, the walls, the windows, that is to say, all the interior and exterior elements that could be contaminated.

Protection for workers

According to Elisabet Cardona, the workers do have EPIS, "but they are fair." Nevertheless, from tomorrow a shipment arrives with protection material for the elderly homes in the region.

The more human side

From the nursing home, and so that relatives can know how their loved ones are, they give the possibility of calling a phone number that the infirmary is always close to: it is 636 19 91 75. The call hours are 10.30 at 12.30 in the morning from Monday to Friday, except holidays. In urgent or need, they can contact at any time. In addition, the staff is evaluating the possibility of being able to make video conferences with family members.

Home help and emergency aid

The councilor for Public Health and Social Welfare, Cristina Morera, explains that the home help service that cares for dependent people continues, although it has been restricted to the strictly necessary services. This service helps, for example, personal hygiene, cleaning the house and maintaining decent conditions. Morera also explains that they are working to streamline protocols, that is, to make procedures more agile in anticipation of the arrival of requests for emergency aid that may come in the coming weeks.

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