La Punxeta, your store to customize your clothes and accessories

05 December 2017 - 14: 19

Do you want to customize your backpack? To make your bag look unique and original? Or do you need to make a gift to a baby and want to surprise future dads?

En The Punxeta You can make any of these things come true, because they are specialists in designing accessories and clothing, both for children and adults, with unique fabrics and fabrics to customize it to your needs.

And for babies, you have carefully selected and customized sets and complements. Choose pacifiers, reversible booties and original and cute bibs. You can also find backpacks, bags, skirts, pants, moderators and much more!

Also, in La Punxeta they do not stop with their patchwork classes and monographic workshops, on weekends, for children and adults. You will also find fabrics for making patchwork.

Christmas arrives at La Punxeta

These Christmas holidays will be perfect in La Punxeta, where you have the best gifts at your disposal, make your request now to have your personalized gift and surprise your loved ones. And if that were not enough, they make international shipments.

Find the Punxeta in Calle Sertorio number 17.

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