The psychologist Lecina Fernández will show in Dénia the importance of emotions and positive illusion in children

Event Date: July 02, 2019
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: Dénia Social Center
Schedule: 18: 00
Home: Free
Event finished

The psychologist Lecina Fernández, specialist in clinical psychology, will star in a talk organized by the school Paidos in which emotions and positive illusion will be discussed. The next 2 will take place in July at the 18: 00 hours in the Social Center of Denia, with free admission for all families.

During the event, Lecina Fernández will talk about how to train the illusion in the smallest of the house. "The illusion begins in the imagination, so it must be favored that it appears in children as if it were a training", Explica. "And if you are trained to imagine, you will do the same with your projects and you will be able to get excited about them", he adds, concluding that "sometimes just imagine what you want, and take the first step to get it".

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