Inés presentation Alacreu, Faller Mayor of Saladar fails, video

January 17 from 2016 - 01: 42

Inés young Alacreu was proclaimed and extolled as the faller Saladar fails for the year 2016, a very important year for the commission since its fiftieth anniversary is celebrated. Inés, accompanied by its president, José Vicente Cholbi, lived an emotional night full of surprises and affection in which he attended on stage for almost thirty falleras.

  1. Maria Luisa Gema Bisquert says:

    The video presentation fails saladar not hear. It can be fixed?

    • Celia Marín Celia Marín says:

      Hello Maria Luisa,

      Unfortunately Youtube video has silenced us since the act contains numerous songs copyrighted that the platform does not allow use without permission. We apologize for the inconveniences. A greeting!

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