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The police catch a young man in Dénia breaking into a house robbery, arresting him on the spot

22 June 2020 - 10: 37

Agents of the National Police have arrested an unlawful person when he tried to rob in a Dénia home.

A late morning call to the 091 Room alerted the National Police to a robbery that was taking place in an urbanization in the town of Dénia. The concierge of the same had seen through the security cameras as a person turned several of the surveillance cameras on the perimeter so that it could not be seen how he accessed by jumping the perimeter fence. The radio patrols were immediately brought to the attention of the police, who quickly went to the scene to locate the alleged perpetrator, locating a bicycle belonging to him outside.

The agents entered the urbanization and distributed themselves through the different blocks to locate the alleged perpetrators. A few minutes later, one of the calls found a person in one of the blocks, and when he stopped, he violently pounced on the police, after a struggle the agents were able to stop him, finding a lever among his belongings.

The acting agents verified in the police bases the antecedents of the alleged thief, who had a multitude of crimes against property.

The detainee, 26 years old, was placed at the disposal of the Guard Investigating Court of the same town, for a crime of robbery with force.

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