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The National Police arrested momentarily advancing more than 1.700 demonstrators during the protest yesterday

25 October 2013 - 00: 00

Yesterday, Dénia joined the near 70 cities throughout Spain that were called to demonstrate on the occasion of the general educational strike. The demonstration was the culmination of a week of protests in favor of a "quality and uncut" public education that led the city's high school students to strike and not attend class on October 22, 23 and 24 .

Protesters filling Patricio Ferrándiz street in Dénia

Tour of the demonstration in Dénia

The demonstration, scheduled for the 11 of the morning, began in the Square Archduke Carlos de Dénia (Plaza de autobuses) and ran without incident through Patricio Ferrándiz street towards the town hall.

It was on Diana Street, at the height of La Vía Street, when the National Police agents stopped the progress of the delegation. Apparently and, according to the organization, there was a conceptual problem: "we have permission from the authorities to carry out this demonstration through the streets of Dénia through which we will pass, the fact is that we have permission to concentration and not manifestation"sources from the organization said to Denia.com.

This misunderstanding caused a few minutes of tension between the demonstrators and the national security body. However, everything remained in an anecdote and the more 1.700 people who filled the streets could continue with the protest.

The National Police arrested the street manifesantes Diana

1.700 people seconded the demonstration

According to the organization, more than 1700 people concentrated to protest against educational reforms. Among the attendees, teachers, students, parents of students and citizens of Dénia and various towns in the region who wanted, in this way, to show their dissatisfaction with the current policies that are being made in educational material.

The demonstration ended in the town hall of Dénia with the reading, by some of the attendees, of a manifesto in which they argued for a quality public education, without cuts and in which all the students could feel reflected.

Young people in the demonstration for education in Dénia

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