Police denounce a driver who says he goes to work at a company whose name he does not remember

24 March 2020 - 13: 16

During yesterday, the Local and National Police in Dénia identified 109 people and controlled 649 vehicles. In addition, the number of complaints increased again, with 68 being the total.

Among them, there are repeated cases of vehicles with more than one occupant without respecting the decree, those that go for a walk or "buy" miles from their homes having supermarkets closer or those that, with full sincerity, declare that they leave "to take the air".

Other cases, where the vehicle does respect the decree of a single occupant, it has no justification for its journey. In one case, a man was reported who claimed to go to work without proof at a company whose name he does not remember. In another, a man assures that he is going to buy almonds from Jesús Pobre from Dénia, without being a resident of Jesús Pobre either.

And also, another sanction, again, to the athlete who does not understand the quarantine. Yesterday it was a cyclist's turn.

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