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The beach of El Trampolí disappears under the onslaught of the waves

January 20 from 2020 - 14: 27

The strong sea storm, which experts already classify as "historic", has caused waves to exceed 8 meters at some points and have to be evicted from beachfront developments and businesses. In Dénia, the situation is equally alarming, with the sea breaking through any barrier until it enters the roads.

The images of Les Marines and the port of Dénia they demonstrate the fierceness of this phenomenon, which doesn't even the Marineta promenade o Les Rotes have managed to stop. In this last location we have found images as impressive as that of the beach of El Trampolí, unrecognizable despite the natural wall of rocks that it has, being totally submerged.

  1. Maria V says:

    Are you sure that ramming does not exist? According to the RAE dictionary, yes

  2. Juan Antonio Almendros says:

    And the Castilian disappears under the rush of haste. The word "ramming" does not exist and, above all, is unnecessary. The right thing is to attack or, if anything, attack. Best regards.

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