Putting up posters marks the beginning of the election campaign

May 08 from 2015 - 01: 59

Already he arrived. The election campaign has already begun, and has done so strongly in Dénia. At twelve o'clock, parties who opt for mayor of the city began papering the city streets with posters of their candidates and candidates for the regional.

The peak was recorded near the Social Center, where candidates of six of the nine parties met to stick his first posters. There we could see the candidacy Ana KringeWhich he has chosen as its motto "Ana Kringe. The Mayor that Dénia Needs". Alongside them were representatives Canviem between totsWith its candidate, Antonio Losada, in front. The group has chosen as a campaign slogan "Is now", Referring to the time change.

Esquerra Unida, meanwhile, presents MªJosé Gómez Pimpollo as its candidate for one "Dénia amb bones arrels"While Compromís he has also made the motto his "Amb Courage", with Rafa Carrió front. Mari Martínez, Citizen candidate, pasted posters with her team under the motto "Dénia For Change"While Pepa Font and Miguel Llobell, the coalition chose GDCU "Dénia Més".

El PSOE chose as the beginning of his poster board the school Les Vessanes, as far as his "Dénia is awake" with the image of Vicent Grimalt and their numbers one and two, MªJosep Ripoll Javier Scotto. Meanwhile, UPyD showed the face of his candidate, Paco Sánchez Zurita, about the phrase "If you want, Dénia changes".

From which no one knew anything, at least in large nubs of people, was the candidate Union AllHelen Mukoro. Neither she nor her team were seen by the areas granted to parties to stick their posters.

With this posting of posters, two frantic weeks full of acts, promises and electoral programs begin: this afternoon, starting at 20:20 p.m., the Plaza del Consell will host the start of the Canviem entre tots campaign, and tomorrow it will be the turn of two heavyweights who have chosen the same day to appear: the PSOE will do so at 30:XNUMX p.m. on Sagunto Street, with the presence of Ximo Puig, and the Popular Party will present its candidacy at 21:30 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of Llunàtics with the presence of the Vice President of the Consell Pepe Císcar.

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