Dénia's opposition denounces "the contempt and lack of respect" by the government team

18 September 2020 - 07: 29

The councilors of the municipal opposition groups in the Dénia Town Hall: Compromís, Popular Party, Ciudadanos and Gent De Dénia-La Xara and Jesús Pobre, have issued a joint statement in which they publicly express their discomfort for "lack of respect" that the government team is showing towards the opposition parties.

This accusation is made after last September 16 the opposition was not notified of the cancellation of the meeting of the Consell de Participació Veïnal as well as the participating associations, "which shows the lack of dialogue and authoritarian spirit of a local government that acts as if they were the only representatives elected by the citizens", indicate the councilors in the statement.

Given this fact, from the government team (PSOE) indicate that it was "of a human error" that they were not notified of the recall and understand the initial discomfort and confusion, but indicate that accusing of "a non-dialogue and authoritarian mood is an excess".

On the other hand, the opposition also denounces, through its joint statement, "constant lack of respect for the opposition" for the delay in receiving the information from the emergency points included, in this case, in the Information Commission for Citizen Protection; "the reports and documentation on the signing of the VIOGEN agreement against Gender Violence and the proposal of the Citizens group for Anti Squatting measures, which had been on the table a month ago because the head of the commission considered that it had been processed urgently Without having been able to study it or make the pertinent reports, the groups received it a month later, at 21.30:9 p.m., the commission being at XNUMX:XNUMX the next morning. Thus, we think that, despite a technical error or human can have anyone, it is not the first time that the documentation of some organ is presented out of time and form ".

Therefore, the undersigned municipal groups want to show our discomfort for the "Modus operandi" of the government team, which "Not only does he apply the totalitarian roll to municipal politics, he also belittles the legitimacy of the opposition on numerous occasions."

On this issue, the government team states that "The presence of emergency points in the informative commissions: despite not being anything new, both in the commissions and in plenary sessions, the presentation of proposals and motions by urgent procedure, both by the government and the opposition, Due to the fact that sometimes the administrative procedures are what they are and approval must be prioritized (instead of delaying it for another month), we will manage how to provide all groups with the necessary means because from anywhere and at any time, outside the City Council, they can access the reports they have to consult before voting on one of these urgent proposals. "

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