The night of San Juan generates almost 4 tons less garbage than last year

25 June 2019 - 09: 35

On the night of San Juan, last Sunday, he gathered in the 20 kilometers of beaches from Dénia to thousands of people to celebrate one of the most anticipated traditions of the year, with which, in some way, the summer begins.

After the celebration, the cleaning device began. From the 4: 30 in the early morning and up to the 14: 30 on Monday were collected 22 tons of embers, wood and sand (two tons more than in 2018) and 6.200 kg of garbage, which is 3.800 kg less than last year .

In total, 23 worked for the cleaning company. His work focused on the cleaning of the sand by mechanical sieving, the mechanical collection of fires and the manual collection of waste.

Special treatment on natural beaches

Since the Territorial Action Plan of the Green Infrastructure of the Litoral of the Valencian Region and the Beach Catalog of the Valencian Region (PATIVEL) come into force, the use of cleaning machinery is subject to the protection of natural beaches classified as protected. limitations.

Taking into account these considerations of the PATIVEL, on the natural protected beaches of Punta del Raset, Marines (from Albaranas to Bassetes Park) and Molins, which registered a greater influx of people during the Night of San Juan and, therefore, accumulated more dirt, mechanical screening of the surface became necessary. For this reason, the council established that the screening machinery and trucks would only operate in the first 10 meters inland from the seashore so as not to damage the dunes and the fauna that inhabits these spaces.

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