La Nit de la Llum: when and where the night of Dénia discounts is held

Event Date: December 10th 2022
Event type: Party
Site: Dénia
Schedule: 17: 30 to 23: 00
Home: Free
Event finished

One of the most original events of the Christmas Dénia is celebrated as a welcome to the festivities. It is the Nit de la Llum, a massive event that serves to boost the businesses of the city surrounded by Christmas spirit.

What is the Nit de la Llum?

The appointment was born as a kind of Black Friday but at a local level, where during a late-night Dénia shops stay open until late and they offer special discounts to their customers.

The name, which in Castilian means "night of light", receives it for the most striking decoration of that day. Thousands of candles are placed through the streets of the city center to light the entire route. In addition, in recent editions, to reinforce the Christmas spirit, various actions with this theme are carried out during the hours that the event lasts, being able to find choirs of Christmas carols, juggling shows, dances, and even Santa Claus.

When is celebrated?

Traditionally, the Nit de la Llum is held on a Friday or Saturday the week before Christmas. However, this date is not exact, having been celebrated on occasion even in November.

En 2022, the Nit de la Llum is celebrated on Saturday December 10.

As a special bet on that day, businesses extend their hours. In the 2022 edition, they will close at 21:30 p.m. However, in other editions the activity of the stores lasted longer, which did not lower the blind until two hours later.

The appointment is a regular one every year of the Christmas schedule. Since its inception, only in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, its celebration was dispensed with.

Where it develops?

The event takes place in the heart of Dénia, where hundreds of people gather to visit the spaces that are purposely kept open until later for the Nit de la Llum. In addition, for a few years now, the Municipal Market has stood out as the heart of the celebration, since it opens its doors in the evening until 23:00 p.m. extraordinarily for the event.

Discounts in stores

One of the great attractions of the Nit de la Llum are the special discounts offered by the stores that participate in the celebration. Although there were years in which more than a hundred establishments joined, in the last edition, 2021, there were 64 that collaborated with the celebration. At the moment, the number of participants in the 2022 edition is unknown.

Since its inception, the Nit de la Llum was born with the intention of promoting Christmas shopping in local stores, thus reinforcing the commercial fabric of Dénia. The hotel businesses in the city center also benefit from the event, as the great multitude of people who walk through its streets fill all the terraces of Marqués de Campo and its surroundings.



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