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The Solidarity Table collects 3.000 kilos and liters for the most needy

May 14 from 2020 - 12: 47

From the Solidarity Table in Dénia they have reported the development and conclusion of the campaign "The solidarity car" that has been carried out during the week of May 2 to 9, with a very positive response from the residents.

The Solidarity Table is made up of the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Caritas Interparroquial and Extend your Hand, all of them associations that have been working for a long time among the most needy. For this reason, after seeing how the crisis, generated from the pandemic produced by COVID-19, became more acute and affected more than 2,5% of the Dianense population, they decided to create this campaign. Among other objectives, one of the purposes was to make visible the acute socioeconomic crisis in which we are already immersed, reflecting the need and reality of many families in our city.

The “The Charity Car” campaign has consisted of collecting food from the different supermarkets in the city where there was a car at the entrance or a table outside so that customers could deposit the food they wanted to donate, especially staple foods such as legumes, oil and milk, among others. The purpose of this collection was to be able to collect enough food to continue serving these families.

Some of these families were already being helped before this crisis, but many other families, in a situation of need due to the loss of a job or an ERTE, have subsequently been added in coordination with the Social Services of the Dénia City Council. who centralized the attention and referred the cases to the Solidarity Table. Given this increase in users of this aid service, in which families collect bags of basic foods every fortnight, it was necessary to create this campaign because the resources of these associations are limited and cannot supply enough to cover so much need.

Between all 3.000 kilos and 3.100 liters of basic food could be collected. Which, taking into account the difficulty of the collection due to security measures and the economic situation of many of the families in our city, is a great support to this work that the Solidarity Table of Dénia has been carrying out.

A very important part of this campaign have been the volunteers, 67 people who have dedicated their time and effort to collect food, count it and classify it in each of the headquarters and warehouses of said associations. And of course, the Solidarity Table, has shown its gratitude not only to the supermarkets that have participated in this initiative and to the customers that have collaborated, but also to all those small companies in the city, the media and other groups that have put its grain of sand to try to alleviate this social crisis that we are experiencing. "To each and every one of them the members of the Solidarity Table want to thank them for their participation".

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