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The Advisory Port Table demands, in the face of upcoming storms, an emergency work treatment to all the levees

09 March 2020 - 14: 17

The coast of Dénia requires, according to the Port Table, urgent prevention measures in the face of future storms, like the stormy glory that suffered our coasts a month ago. Albert Morell, manager of Varadero Port Dénia, explains that "The storm has shown that the average height of our docks is insufficient to contain the force of the sea".

The Port Table of the Port of Dénia, the advisory body chaired by Gabriel Martínez, has among its functions that of monitoring that the coast of Dénia is maintained in optimal conditions. In this regard, Martínez points out that "Our pantalanes and docks are 1,5 meters above sea level, and the water rose 10 centimeters above our facilities."

Albert Morell details two types of damage to be treated, on the one hand, that of external defenses such as the breakwaters that have suffered damage and are already being repaired. And, on the other, to solve the internal problem that shows that the current height of the springs is not enough.

Damage to the dikes and breakwaters, in the absence of budgets, emphasizes Gabriel Martínez, must have “An emergency work treatment both the repair and the strengthening of the defenses of our port”.

In this sense, the Sports and Tourist Port Marina de Denia In its day, it made a retaining wall above the jetty. A wall that on this occasion has protected the facilities. "If I had failed in this storm, the Marina de Dénia buildings would not exist"says Gabriel Martínez.

The Port Table has highlighted the need to start conducting studies to improve the two breakwaters that guard the mouth. It is about creating a shelter to prevent waves from entering the port.

In addition, Albert Morell, emphasizes that "We are playing the prestige of our port, because it has to prove it is safe". Dénia, as a natural port, traditionally already had a shelter area similar to that of now and in situations of risk it is necessary to improve it, and seek additional protection that minimizes damage.

The water quality of the port

The port of Dénia has gained in quality, prestige, and reputation, which made it possible for it to currently house a fleet of 2.000 sports boats. This generates a very important activity for both the city and the entire region.

In this sense, Gabriel Martínez, has clarified that ensuring the quality of the waters of our port is important. The port of Dénia is not industrial, it is a port dedicated to fishing, a passenger line and recreational boating. Therefore, your image has to be clean, transparent and of quality.

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