The improvement of the garbage and cleaning service in Dénia will mean an increase of 25 euros per home

25 September 2020 - 18: 02

The Councilor for Ecological Transition, Maite Pérez and the Councilor for Finance, Paco Roselló, have presented the general lines of the new garbage and street cleaning contract of the Dénia City Council.

After yesterday, during the plenary session, it was announced that there will be a substantial increase per dwelling with respect to the bill for this service, both councilors have explained today that the rise in the rate, "It is not a dish of good taste, but it is the only way to offer the improvement that citizens demand."

Maite Pérez has outlined that the current contract dates back 16 years, "so it is totally out of date and does not meet the needs of the municipality". So that, "The 25 euros (estimated price according to a study) represents a large increase but it must be taken into account that the fifth container of organic waste will be implanted, all the containers will be replaced (more than 600 batteries), the containers will have sensors that will facilitate the information on its cleaning, breakdowns, etc., expansion of cleaning areas and streets, change of machinery, etc. ", has detailed the mayor to explain the reason for this rate increase.

For his part, the Councilor for Finance of the Dénia City Council, Paco Roselló, has indicated that with this rate increase it is expected, at least, to cover, if not all, 70% of the debt, since the new Solid waste collection represents an increase of 1,7 million euros in spending (before 6 million 300 thousand and with the new one the amount is estimated at 8 million).

Likewise, Pérez has outlined that after assessing the situation, "It was to stay as we were or to improve, and if an increase in the rate was not estimated, it was difficult for a company to present itself providing all the service improvements".

  1. martabl says:

    I subscribe to what the previous ones say, in the suburbs the cleaning is deficient, I would say very deficient, and as things are currently, the rise seems inappropriate to me, especially when the bill that is paid is much higher than other cities. You have to review the contract and the company that manages the service ???

  2. Pere says:

    Indeed, this rate is a real theft and the increase is totally inappropriate. In many municipalities it was eliminated and it is not paid. In Dénia, being one of the highest in Spain, they still have the nerve to climb it. And many of us use the service for 15 days in August and many times we have to leave it on the ground because the containers are full.

  3. Someone says:

    To begin with, in the suburbs (montgo, marines, rotes ...) the containers are usually broken, and not recently, if not, at least 5 years ago. In the Montgo where I live, the only ones with some brand new containers is in the school paidos (of course), in addition to all the mess of the containers, the suburbs have a serious lighting problem, which I do not see that has any type of improvement or change, in any case they will get worse, which I do not understand when those of us who live in these areas claim a fairly high IBI from us.
    My point here is that if they want us to pay for them to invest in our streets first and then we'll see, the salaries of politicians / officials are paid by the citizens, not the state, we are always paying and there is never money for what is really necessary.
    Also, I do not understand how Gandia has 70.000 inhabitants, almost twice that of Dénia, and they pay 70 euros a year and their service is optimal.

    • SHAME OF OTHERS says:

      I fully agree with your comment. I also live in this area and I have pictures of various containers and THEY ARE TRUE SHAME. In fact, people leave the garbage outside the container, because the doors are impossible to open with the pedal.
      This has resulted in having numerous flies and insects in the environment, which were hardly appreciated before.
      Likewise, as you say very well, THE LIGHTING is null. Some lamppost has never worked since the day it was installed, more than 10 years ago, despite the large traffic of people and vehicles, especially in summer, that is generated and with the danger that this entails.
      And of course, the only streetlights that work are the ones in front of the Paidos school and in front of the homes of people very close to "illustrious" staff of the town hall.
      The response of the department responsible for it, has been that this problem was the mismanagement of the previous game, which is very expensive to repair and there are other more important areas ... that is, they do not plan to do anything.
      It gives me SHAME, AJENA, that those responsible do not have, whatever the party, to walk through our beautiful town and see how it is. Honest people are needed, who really care and are really involved in improving the services that we all pay so expensively, and who shine by their ABSENCE. Thank you.

  4. Bernard says:

    Pedro - the money is gone to the new salarys of the Major and bis friends….?

  5. Ricardo says:

    And also that they improve the annoying noise generated by garbage trucks when collecting them at night for acoustic protection; they are currently violating the regulations exceeding the noise level in decibels to the maximum allowed. Until a couple of years ago, it was at 1:30 a.m. we raised the complaint through the community administration, and now at 0:30 to 1 in the morning every day the noise wakes up the whole neighborhood ... it seems like a joke in bad taste ... added to the noises of the motorcycles that During those hours, they also use the streets and avenues of the city as race tracks with their noisy engines that also violate acoustic regulations and maximum speed; we are collecting signatures with residents of various affected communities to present it to the city council ... if they want to join ...

  6. María Ibars says:

    All to pay the raise of the mayor scoundrel. 40%. Uncle got on, in the first plenary session.
    To the neighbors who give us. The economic problems of the neighbors derived from their mismanagement and the covid do not give a damn.
    So is the left. Enjoy the vote.
    By the way, no improvement project at all.
    Up to 6 months before the elections.

    • Pedro says:

      People have the politicians they deserve. If people do not remember what has been done before 6 months and let themselves be entangled with words, then here we have them.

  7. Protection says:

    With what we already paid it should be more than enough, and Dénia should be more than clean.
    Thank you

    • Pedro says:

      The first characteristic of the socialists: they raise taxes.
      Increase in IBI as a consequence of requesting increases in cadastral values, increase in garbage. Taxes always go up, they will never wonder how to lower expenses by optimizing.
      But when it comes to kicking out the squatters who are robbing you of the right to enjoy your property for which you are paying taxes, the socialists are gone.

  8. Carmen González Fernández says:

    I think it is an abuse given the bad service we have in the marinas, I am talking about Nova Denia that on top of that they annoy us at six in the morning and the drivers carry the music as if they were in the disco now, at our expense, you want to have the town clean olé for you but don't squeeze the others

    • MIPB says:

      Totally agree, those of us who live outside the central urban area have very poor service, especially considering that these areas are summer residences and most of the year they do minimal services.
      In those areas they should lower the price!

      • Pedro says:

        Socialists are "very smart" ... Those who have a summer residence pay the same taxes and fees but do not have the right to vote since they cannot register in Denia because they live longer in their main residence. There is a problem of democracy: I think that when you pay the same taxes and fees, you should have the right to vote.

    • Chiruca says:

      I agree with you, it seems to me an abuse that they charge us an increase of € 25 more in the garbage fee, for a bad service, and punctual, since it is not carried out daily.
      And then, for the City Council to say that there is no money and that is why it cannot put the lighting in the NovaDenia area. 50 years, we have been demanding that they put light on the marinas highway at the height of NovaDenia, which would give service to more than four hundred families. Your answer, as I have indicated, always the same, there is no money. NovaDenia only agrees to the City Council to ask us for money, but when it comes to providing service that we have the right, it forgets us.

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