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Dénia Half Marathon stands at the Sports Agenda weekend

Start date: March 28 2015
Finish date: March 29 2015
Event type: Sport
The venue : Rodat Field, Diego Mena Field, Joan Fuster Pavilion, Municipal Pavilion, Sports Center, Madrigueres
Opening times: From the 9 Hours.
Starters: Free Except Preferred Party.
Event finished

There comes a weekend plagued sports in our Agenda highlights the XII Media and Fourth Marathon which will take place on Sunday at 10 morning. a large participation of athletes who will have the incentive to release a new circuit, this time, much more urban is expected.

Mounir Horma winner of the Half Marathon 2015



10:00 FB. Dénia E --- CD. Pedreguer B Benjamin (field Rodat)

10:00 FB. Dénia E --- CD. Pedreguer B Alevín (Rodat Field)

10:00 FB. Dénia C --- F. Benidorm C Alevín (Field Diego Mena)

11:15 FB. Dénia A --- Alfás del Pí A Benjamín (Diego Mena Field)

11:15 FB. Dénia A --- Alfás del Pí A Alevín (Diego Mena Field)

11:30 FB. Dénia B --- Teulada-Moraira Infantil (Rodat Field)

12:30 FB. Dénia A --- CD. Pedreguer B Benjamín (Diego Mena Field)

12:30 FB. Dénia B --- UD. Oliva B Benjamín (Diego Mena Field)

16:00 FB. Dénia B --- F. Benidorm B Cadete (Rodat Field)

17:45 FB. Dénia A --- F. Benidorm A Infantil (Campo Rodat)


10:00 CD Paidos Dénia --- CB. La Vila Cadete F. (Paidos)

10:15 Dénia Básquet --- CB. Pedreguer Benjamin (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

12:00 CD. Padios Dénia --- CB. San Blas Infantil F. (Municipal Pavilion)

12:00 Dénia Basketball --- EEMM. Ondara Alevín F. (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

17:00 Dénia Basketball --- NB. Alcoi Senior M. (Joan Fuster Pavilion)


09:00 FB. Dénia --- FS. La Vila Cadete (Municipal Pavilion)

16:00 FB. Dénia --- Lifusa Campello Juvenil (Municipal Pavilion)

16:00 Casa Miguel Juan --- Inm. ACYDMA Promarina (Sports Center)

16:00 Airsat --- S. Reale Ondara ACYDMA (Burrows)

17:15 Trinquet Bar --- Il Fratelli ACYDMA (Sports Center)

17:15 Trafficluna --- El Marino ACYDMA (Burrows)

18:30 H. Nou Romá --- Lino Roselló ACYDMA (Sports Center)

20:00 Auto Motors Dénia --- CFS. Castalla 3ª División (Municipal Pavilion)


18:00 Garbi Dénia --- UCAM San Joan Senior (Municipal Pavilion)



09:00 C. Ricardo Mañas --- T&T Veteran Reciclats (Rodat Field)

10:30 UD Oliva --- Colombians FC. Veterans (Rodat Field)

12:00 CD. Javea Vtnos. --- International FC. Veterans (Rodat Field)

16:30 CD. Dénia ---- Massanassa CF. Preferred (Campo Diego Mena)


12:15 Dénia Basketball --- CB. L´Alfás Cadete M. (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

12:15 Dénia Basketball --- EEMM. Teulada Alevín M. (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

16:45 Dénia Basketball --- CB. L´Alfás Cadete F. (Joan Fuster Pavilion)

17:00 Dénia Basketball --- CB. Pego Junior F. (Joan Fuster Pavilion)


10:00 XII Half and Fourth Marathon "City of Dénia" exit and finish Marqués de Campo Street.

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  1. pepper says:

    The track, dying of laughter ... more urban, clear removing parking .. AS SURPLUS !!!

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