The MACMA creates two great guides to promote local cultural activity in the region

30 October 2020 - 12: 04

The MACMA –Mancomunidad Cultural de la Marina Alta– has completed this week the management and compilation of the infrastructure and cultural resources guides: two projects in which the entity has worked over the last two years to strengthen a fundamental document regarding the structuring and dissemination of the cultural assets of the region. These are guides that unite both the thickness of cultural resources and municipal infrastructures of the region: without a doubt, the bases that define and build the profile of the cultural management of the Marina Alta.

In the first place, the cultural resource guide brings together those professionals of Culture from the municipalities of the region that operate within the region. In this sense, the document brings together artists from different musical, dramatic or dance fields, among others. Music groups, theater groups, soloists, bands, as well as the rest of the Culture professionals that appear on the agenda of the Department of Culture of the Marina Alta complete a directory of great value both for the revitalization of cultural companies and to facilitate the task of accessing information by technicians and technicians in the area. On the other hand, the infrastructures guide includes all those municipal resources where cultural activity takes place: from auditoriums to houses of Culture, through museums, exhibition halls or libraries: public sites that are the axis of cultural management in the 33 municipalities of the Marina Alta.

Both guides are published on the website of the Mancomunidad www.macma.org and complete the project for the dissemination of regional cultural values ​​that began with the 20th birthday of the Mancomunidad. A project that has been based on consensus and the participation of the assets involved and that consolidates the structuring and dynamic scope of MACMA.

This project will come to an end with the Municipal Conference "Cultural Management in times of pandemic" in which different round tables will allow attendees to participate in the joint reflection and analysis of the regional reality. In addition, the attendees will have access to the material of cultural projects that the different cultural groups and professionals will facilitate, thus encouraging the fundamental and structural role of consuming local culture, of Km 0 and above all of quality. This entire project has been possible thanks to obtaining specific aid for the promotion of citizen participation and associationism from the Department of Participation, transparency, cooperation and democratic quality.

Links to already published guides

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