The flame of the Mini Jocs arrives in Dénia: "An illusion that all the boys and girls who love sport and our town have"

May 11 from 2023 - 12: 46

The students of the sports schools of Dénia carried the torch of the XIV Mini Jocs of the Marina Alta through the streets of the city yesterday. The torch was passed from hand to hand among eighteen relievers, representatives of fifteen sports disciplines practiced in the city's sports schools. The fire has already passed through other towns in the Marina Alta to announce the start of the XIV Mini Jocs in the Marina Alta, a sporting event that will take place between Friday the 19th and Sunday the 21st of May in Pego.

The tour began in Torrecremada with Mar Dalmau and Pascual Cervantes, representatives of adapted sports, at which point the torch was lit. The journey ended in the Plaza del Consell, where the footballer Luna Papio carried out the delivery ceremony. The athlete Marina Bermejo, the basketball player Gerard Sastre, the student from the Hugo Fornali Sailing School, the futsal player Yoel Labian, the jockey Paula Lledó, the gymnast Sofía Alejandre Torres, the handball player Victoria Valentina Paredes, the swimmer Gabriela Bas, the tennis player Álvaro Morató, the paddle tennis players Enma Candel and Daniela Pont, the chess player Miquel Buigues, the volleyball player Evelyn Cruz and the pilotari Héctor Cabrera.

To end the act, the driver Héctor Cabrera, the basketball player Gerard Sastre and the jockey Paula Lledó were in charge of reading the following manifesto in the Plaza del Consell:

Boys and girls from Dénia, one more year, the torch of the "XIV Mini Jocs Olímpics de la Marina Alta" arrives in our town, which symbolizes the sporting spirit. Like every edition, with this act we want to carry out a demonstration of solidarity and cooperation between the peoples of our region. All of us who have gathered today represent our population, and we proudly accept to participate in the XIV Mini Jocs that will be held on May 19, 20 and 21 in the town of Pego. We will do it with joy and enthusiasm and we will compete maintaining the Olympic values, excellence, so that we give our best, friendship, so that we can participate as a team or make friends and solidarity, with our colleagues, respect, with our opponents and adversaries , honesty, with the acceptance of the rules of the game; values ​​that now and here represent the torch that runs through the towns of the Marina Alta that will participate in this sporting event.

We promise to maintain an attitude while we compete, which will make us feel proud of our municipality, as well as of belonging to a region like ours, capable of educating us in the best values ​​of sport, and making us grow together with the symbol of the Mini Jocs: "La Marineta", to remember it when we are adults.

From here a memory for all those boys and girls who have already participated, waking up and fueling the illusion of those who are going to participate this year, we invite you to live and enjoy the Mini Jocs with us, to share an illusion that all children have and girls who love sports and our town.

In this way, we join the will of all those who have made each edition of the Mini Jocs possible so that it is a great regional sports festival, that today is a prologue to the great sports festival that welcomes us in the XIV Mini Jocs of the High Marina.

Thank you so much!

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