The story stolen from Dénia

May 25 from 2023 - 08: 24

Last December, Dénia presented in its tunnel of the castle an action to learn about the history of the creation of this passageway that connects the north and south of the city. A story that speaks of refuge, protection, fear. From the Civil War. A story that has been stolen.

It is not entirely true. The story itself cannot be stolen, but one of the panels of the permanent exhibition located in the tunnel, where the past of the construction is narrated and how Dénia used it to shelter families and protect them from aerial bombardments. . This Wednesday, one of these posters had disappeared, it is unknown if due to pure vandalism or something else, for trying to hide what counts.

They didn't just tear down the sign and leave the place. They ripped it off and took it away. "We do not know the intentions of the act, but the truth is that with this action the public is deprived of being able to know the history of Dénia." The Department of Culture has not heard from him again. They do not know the author of the robbery and also his whereabouts. What they do know is that he will recover, "as quickly as possible."

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  1. Pillar says:

    What is known is that we have had very little security for a long time and to say that everything ugly that happens is done by a "few", it is not valid. More surveillance and more control that the Local Police are not seen anywhere. And the worst of all that is heard above all from those who have been living all their lives is: that the authorities know who they are, that almost everyone here knows each other. More security and more Punishment, and if they were put to work cleaning streets, etc., they would learn.