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The Civil Guard detains a former deputy of the Russian State Duma, on whom an Interpol International Order weighed for a crime of embezzlement

May 01 from 2020 - 12: 03

The Civil Guard, in the framework of the "COMPARSA" operation, has detained a former deputy of the Russian State Duma as a result of the execution of an OID issued by the Russian authorities through Interpol when he was accused of a crime of embezzlement of public funds destined to a public contest for a project that was never completed.

The detainee is a former deputy of the State Duma, who had also held the position of deputy prime minister of an important Russian region, hometown of a former leader of the Soviet Union (USSR).

Russian organized crime

As a result of the Russian authorities issuing an International Detention and Extradition Order issued through Interpol, the Civil Guard began an investigation, during the first quarter of the year, to find out the identity of this person. As a result, the agents placed this person in a small town in the Marina Alta, which they prefer to keep secret.

During the course of the investigation, due to the public health emergency situation caused by COVID-19, it is worth noting the difficulty that the agents had since it required special deployments, which greatly hindered the measures adopted.

After his arrest, he was placed at the disposal of the Central Investigating Court on duty as guard of the National Court.

Costa Blanca

The Mediterranean area continues to be one of the favorite destinations for criminal organizations with high purchasing power and also for individuals with pending cases in their respective countries of origin.

The climate and quality of life are an attraction that few countries can offer, together with the characteristics provided by certain isolated geographical areas, of "high standing" and with a high percentage of foreigners, they are the ideal setting to continue their lives maintaining a "Low profile" and avoiding detection.

In this case, he had selected a small and discreet municipality on the Alicante coast where he tried to go unnoticed enjoying a high standard of living, making real estate investments.

The operations carried out in recent years in the field of Russian organized crime, together with the extensive territorial deployment that the Civil Guard has, make it possible to detect the presence of these individuals.

The operation has been carried out by the Information Group of the Alicante Command and the Information Office of the Civil Guard, in coordination with the UCO team of the Civil Guard.

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