The Civil Guard helps save the life of a man who fainted while eating at a restaurant in Denia

19 December 2020 - 00: 09

A Civil Guard of Xàbia, saved the life of a citizen last Sunday, December 13. The victim had lost consciousness, apparently due to a possible cerebral stroke, and had insufficient pulse and respiration to maintain his vital constants on his own.

Last Sunday, December 13, the agent of the Civil Guard of the Main Post of Xàbia, was out of service eating with his family in a restaurant in the town of Dénia. At around 14,30 p.m., a waitress from the restaurant called the emergency service by phone asking for an ambulance to come as soon as possible.

The Civil Guard, and a nurse who was also in the place immediately came to help: a man had vanished in his chair, from one of the diners' tables, losing consciousness.

By checking his pulse and breathing, they noted that he was too weak. Without hesitation, the Civil Guard agent, with the help of other clients, laid the victim on the ground, in a lateral position, and checked that his airways were not obstructed, to rule out that it could be a choking. While performing this maneuver, the man began to regain his breath and consciousness, opening his eyes completely disoriented. However, after a few seconds, it faded again. The agent did not give up in his effort to keep the man stable while the requested health care arrived.

A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived and the affected person was transferred urgently to the Denia hospital.

After being admitted to the hospital for a few days, the victim, a man of American nationality, has been discharged and is currently recovering at home.

The same Civil Guard that has saved the life of this man, starred in another rescue on February 21, 2017 that did not leave the residents of Benitatxell indifferent. On that occasion a three-year-old boy who fell to the
pool while playing at home. Upon the arrival of the Civil Guard agents of the Xàbia Post, the child had no vital signs, but the appropriate knowledge of the Civil Guards managed, through resuscitation maneuvers, to ignite a thread of life that they could maintain until the arrival of the ambulance.

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