The Generalitat makes official the imminent end of the meetings that will last several weeks

January 24 from 2021 - 14: 54

The Generalitat Valenciana has made public what we announced a few days ago: social gatherings in private spaces are prohibited and the limitations on meetings in public spaces are increased.

This Monday these new measures come into force and will last until February 15. Meetings in private spaces will be limited to cohabitants only. Therefore, it is forbidden to meet people with whom you do not share a house. Similarly, meetings in public spaces will be limited to just two participants.

These restrictions will be extended for 3 weeks, with which, in addition, municipalities with more than 50.000 inhabitants will be confined on weekends, which would not affect any population in the Marina Alta.

Details of the new measures

- Family or social gatherings within the houses are limited to the same nucleus of coexistence, with exceptions.

- In public spaces –whether they are closed spaces or outdoors–, family or social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 2 people, unless they are cohabitants.

- In both cases, the following exceptions apply: work or institutional meetings, activities in the educational field and care for vulnerable people (elderly, minors).

- The municipal perimeter confinement will be applied from 15:00 p.m. on Friday to 6:00 a.m. the following Monday.

  1. The light says:

    The measures are already obvious that will happen, right? (If I do not tell you briefly, 70% will pass them through the lining, me included), enough of tyrannical measures, build more hospitals, expand hospitals, medical supplies, change the ways of manage, let the doctors do their job and apply what they know not to do what you tell them for the hell even if they know they are wrong, promote new ways of taking care of themselves or ways that the population is unaware, give more information about the virus and how they act in our body, or what happens that the beautiful manger that the government has set up that can be dispensed with by so many politicians, it is difficult to remove it or that, the day we worry about the common good but we really worry this will be better until then. bad times until we all decide to build our own society regardless of all these shits of politicians and disinformation media that the only thing they cause is an incitement to collective hatred

  2. Carlos Gual says:

    More health education for health personnel and fewer politicians, who no longer serve this critical time. We are already seeing how some of them act with the issue of vaccines.