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The Football Federation of the Valencian Community announces that all competitions will be finished

20 March 2020 - 17: 03

Given the uncertainty shown by the majority of clubs belonging to the Federation of Football of the Valencian Community (FFCV), about the future presented to regional football by the crisis of CONVID-19, the president of the same, Salvador Gomar, has pronounced through an official statement indicating that “It is understood that the fairest thing for all the teams immersed in competition is that all the matches of that competition are played. For this reason, all league competitions that depend on the FFCV will be played until the end when there is a health guarantee to do so ”.

Gomar adds, “The objective is to finish them before June 30, but in the event that they cannot do it, the competitions of this 19/20 season will be completed in the best possible way, taking into account the circumstances: high temperatures, specific competition needs and vacation rest. ”.

Financial grants are guaranteed

From the sports entity, the clubs are reassured with the announcement that "All the aids and subsidies to which they are entitled for this season are guaranteed".

Maximum concern for the health of players

Health comes first, this is how the president of Valencian football manifests himself by expressing that “Everyone's health will always be ahead of the competition. That is why no competition will be restarted without the full health guarantee of being able to do so. ”.

The FFCV pioneered the suspension of competitions at the beginning of this crisis and established teleworking among Federation workers. These days, they are working with all the information possible and in contact with the authorities in order to offer the most appropriate solution. It is still recommended to all the federated and the general public to stay at home these days.

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