The Federation Marina Alta Solidarity incorporates two new partnerships

May 04 from 2016 - 08: 02

Two new regional associations have joined the Federació Marina Alta Solidaria in recent days with the aim of joining social forces to carry out some projects and activities. This is AFIMA (Association of Sickness Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue of the Marina Alta) and the Association ADHD + 16, which from now join the social movement and solidarity representing the Federation.

The association ADHD + 16 joins the Federació

Marina Alta Solidaria aims to form this social and solidarity movement that brings together all possible entities of the Marina Alta in relation to the social sphere. Join forces, share resources, promote solidarity and inclusion, collaborate together and transform reality to ensure that solidarity permeates our entire society.

Currently the associations AMADEM, A.CO.MAAD, ADAHMA, Aprosdeco, Condemned to the Curb, Extend your hand, Salvation Army, Betània Initiative, Ludai, Center for Minors are part of the Federation. Les Rotes, Hospital de La Pedrera and the City Council of Dénia.

AFIMA joins the Marina Alta Solidarity Federation

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