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The Solidarity Federation Marina Alta adds value to the volunteers of the region

10 December 2015 - 00: 01

Coinciding with the celebration of International Volunteer Day, the Federation Marina Alta Solidarity held a conference on volunteerism attended by around 40 people to presences offered interesting talks persons closely connected with this social work.

Talk Jimmy Higueras

The first to address the audience was Jimmy Higueras, President Sentenced to Curb, who spoke about consciousness, life and volunteerism. After a lunch break Luisina Daives (psychologist Amadem association) and Juanjo Sala (psychologist and coordinator of the FMAS), proceeded to explain from different points of view psychosocial impact of voluntary action. And finally, Mariana Rodríguez, voluntary and emotional therapist, helped the participants to understand the role of emotions in volunteerism.

It should be noted that during the talks the participation of the attendees was very active, launching proposals and ideas of which the Federation took note to carry them out soon.

Speakers Volunteer Day

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