The Port Rotes fault travels to the future to remember the presentation of their children's charges, Sergi and Marina

15 October 2017 - 20: 18

The calendar marked a date: 19 March 2018. At that moment just before the monument burns, the Port Rotes fails to celebrate the presentation of their children's charges, the president, Sergi Mezquida, and the major fallera, Marina Dalmau.

And it was precisely Sergi who led the singer throughout the event. Accompanied by charanga XE Fort, to the son of the anthem of the fault, the little president went on stage to summarize, since that 19 of March of next year, the memories of his fallero year.

But before last year's charges, Elena Monserrat and Joan Pedro, to remember together with their families and friends what had been the year that they left behind as top representatives of the Xicalla of Port Rotes.

Then, with the help of a fallerita, they called the stage to the numerous components of the child commission of Port Rotes, with about fifty children of all ages forming part of the stage to welcome the fallera children.

A voice in off, that of his mother, announced to the audience that Marina Dalmau Palonés was about to enter the scene. His predecessor, Elena, was the one who imposed the band of greater fallera before the attentive look of the present public.

In the turn of the exaltations, Sergi discovered that his cousin was the one in charge of dedicating a few words of affection to him, while to Marina spoke his uncles, Diana Palones and Juanjo Guntiñas, interspersing sounds of the infancy of Marina with a speech full of memories and lots of love.

From her throne, Maria received the affection of her great offices, Manuel and Amparo; of the other ten commissions falleras of the city; of the Cofradía de Pescadores de Dénia; of the Commission of Festes de la Mare de Déu; the councilor of parties and the major children's fallera of Denia.

Finally, both Sergi and Marina took the floor to speak to the public and thank them for the love and help they received from family, friends, falleros from Port Rotes and from the rest of the commissions in the city.

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