The West fault joins the Valencian Pact against gender violence and sexist

May 08 from 2018 - 11: 19

The Cultural Association and Festive Falla District West of Dénia agreed on Thursday 3 May 2018, join the Valencian Pact against gender violence and sexist promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana.

With this adhesion, from the Falla West they are committed to the promotion of the pact and its ideas, the use of an inclusive and non-sexist vocabulary in press releases, the web, social networks, the use of non-sexist images in any of its channels, the programming of specialized talks as well as the promotion for the adhesion of the rest of the entities of the city to the pact.

In addition, Pascual García faller house will be available to all and all the pact to consult as well as in digital format for all and all partners that are part of the West Falla.

Celebration of Mother's Day among the little ones

The activity does not cease in the commission, that last Friday, 4 of May, gathered the smallest of the fault in a new session of Vesprades Divertides. On this occasion, attendees prepared greeting cards with which they surprised their mothers on such a special day.

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