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Fault West became the official photo of the commission

November 18 from 2014 - 09: 21

The countdown has begun for the West fails: the next 5 of December will take place the presentation of his major faller, Noelia Vargas, and it is time for the acts to happen without rest.

Last weekend, the falleros and falleras commission came together to take the picture this year. After immortalize the moment they shared a pot on the ship Madrigueres Sud prepared by Juanjo Ribes, Vicente Ivars, Pepe Catala and Juan Andrés Pérez.

Food in the West

After the meal, which they asitieron a hundred people, the charges of failure made a special mention of the sponsors lunch Mar Sala, Fernando Reig, Valle Salva, David passed, Pepa Ribera, Edu Montesinos, José Puerta, Amparo Romero, Laura Santos and Jesús Romero.

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