West fails celebrates its sweetest Christmas with parchment created this year

09 December 2015 - 09: 20

The sweetest Christmas has come to the West fails, that during the weekend of the December bridge took the opportunity to decorate the house and present the parchment of this year.

The first ones to enjoy the programmed activities were the youngest, who participated in the afternoon of Friday in a new workshop of Vesprades Divertides in which they elaborated the decorations of the Christmas tree of the fault.

Christmas workshop

For its part, the large commission held on December 6 Sunday a great party presentation of the parchment this year, Com més sucre, més dolç, dedicated to the traditional sweets and the most innovative of the hand of the great chefs of the town.

Presentation of the parchment 2016 of the West fault

More than 150 people, among which were the biggest falleras of Dénia, attended the party that was held in the Sala Polivalente de Llunàtics. At the end of the presentation the attendees shared a pot and party with the hand of Cachorras Band.

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