The Falla Center presents the culinary contest 'Master Coca'

February 26 from 2019 - 09: 50

La fails Center he wants to claim a product as ours as the cocas, and he will do it from the base. Next March 10 will celebrate in La Glorieta the first Master Coca culinary contest, aimed at the children of the commission.

The mechanics are simple: the fault will provide the base of the coca, thanks to Cidoncha, and the participants will have to contribute the ingredients with which they will create their cocas. Each team will consist of an adult and a child, to encourage teamwork.

At the end, three prizes will be awarded: the best coca, the most original and the most Valencian coca. Those interested can sign up to the 2 in March through WhatsApp (606 450 536). The kits to the contestants will be distributed to the 11: 00, and to the 11: 30 will begin the contest. Next, and as is traditional in the days before failures, the Paellas Contest of the Center fault will be held.

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