Failure Campaments held the presentation of its biggest Falleras and 20 anniversary

January 22 from 2011 - 00: 00

The commission Falla Campaments He packed last night the Social Center of Denia. And it was no wonder: not only celebrated the presentation of his greatest falleras, Belén Escrivá and Zaira Minguell, but also blowing candles on the 20 anniversary of the creation of the fault.

A very special year because it is also the first in which a woman, Marisa Rodríguez, and holds office as President. And if that were not enough, this year have pride of having his highest representative of last year as Fallera Mayor of Dénia.

Outgoing charges recalled their special year, including Laura Mena, Faller Mayor of Dénia, although not took the stage to take leave from office and handing off to Bethlehem, yes he said movingly parting words all the audience could hear.

The exaltation of Zaira was given by her aunt Ana, and Bethlehem his cousin Juanjo, all protocols skipped and made a fun, impromptu, collaborative exaltation, as crowd with magic tricks and after a endearments to Bethlehem, concluded by allowing her cousin who sank her face in a meringue pie.

Following the usual pelitesías, the act termnó with the words of the four positions this year: Sergio Marín, Chairman child; Zaira Minguell, Fallera Mayor Infantil; Marisa Rodriguez, President and Belén Escrivà, Fallera Mayor.

  1. Anonymous says:

    spectacular presentation, and the words of the president very well all.

  2. anonymous says:

    sergio marin and Zaira. Children's president and higher infant faller. They were gorgeous. and a fun presentation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    very pretty, gal.la and francesc guapisims, alvaro, without words ………… I miss my laura
    All other charges very bien.guapisimos.