The Falla Baix la Mar attended the presentation of the Foguera 'Carrer San Vicent'

07 2017 April - 11: 00

Charges of Falla Baix la MarManuel Marco, María Giner Peris and Aitana Ferrán Montero traveled to Alicante to be present at the presentation of the San Vicent Carrer Foguera, One of the oldest in the city.

For them I was a great pleasure to accompany these friends, who like they share a love of fire festival. Furthermore, welcomed a friendship that lasts for many years and who wish to maintain and promote.

The event took place in an incomparable setting, the restaurant La Cantera, with the sea nearby, which serves as a natural setting. Alli could share the thrill they experienced the "belleas 2017"Sara Aznar Pastias and Cristina Llopis Carrasco, who were accompanied by the president, Mariví Montoyo Guijarro and child president, Sergio Campos Buades.

The proximity of the fiesas of San Juan, motivates this was one of the first acts to those who attended, representing forward to the Baix fails Mar. The event had the opportunity to greet the Bellea del Foc Alicante, Ana Belén Castelló Rivers, and presidene Fogueres Federation.

At the conclusion of the act he was served a meal at the same restaurant, continuing the party well into the afternoon.

Falla points in the Baix la Mar

Sunday, April 9 12 hours at the casal of failure located in Pont Street, 14, will open its doors to celebrate the traditional ceremony of "tip". If you like to live the party in person and want to share with the committee your unforgettable experiences, this is your moment. Attend this event and become the Baix fails Mar.

Once finished the act will be a meal in which we will talk about failure, cardboard and there will be lots of fun with the activities that have been prepared.

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