The Baix la Mar fails accompanied the fire Carrer Sant Vicent of Alicante in its presentation

20 2016 April - 08: 57

La germanor in the failures crosses borders, and that they know well in Baix la Mar failsWhose maximum charges guests attended last weekend's presentation of the beauties of the fire Carrer Sant Vicent de Alicante a year.

Charges Baix la Mar with beauties

The event was held on the terrace of a restaurant with Mediterranean sea background and served to introduce the small Althea Campos Buades and young beauties Annais 2016 Cortes Perez as the fig tree. Both were accompanied by their presidents, Aitana Vicedo Leal and Mariví Guijarro Montoyo.

At the end of the ceremony, representatives of Baix la Mar, Joan Felip, Silvia, James and Sara, enjoyed by the other guests a meal in which they took to delivery charges bonfire parchment past exercise failure: a bust of the poet Miguel Hernández Alicante.

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