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The Municipal School Triathlon Triathlon participated in Puçol

May 22 from 2014 - 00: 00

The Tripuçol Triathlon Club organized the V School Puçol, a test which was attended by the Municipal School Triathlon Dénia. This was the first test of the season. The weather was not good something that negatively influenced the first segment of swimming. The test was to open sea and swimmers not passed anything right due to the waves.

Triathletes of the Municipal School of Dénia

In the category Children she said Javier Cornejo was seventh. In that category, Ignacio Calabuig finished in nineteenth position. Ismael Sbai was the twenty-third. The test was a first segment of 300 meter swim. A second segment of cycling over a distance of 6.900 meters and a third of 1.500 meter run.

In juvenile category, Joan Puigcerver was performing a second test. In this same category, Antoni Naylor held at the tenth second, and Rose Nivaria was ninth. The test consisted of 200 meter swimming, cycling and 4.600 1.000 meter run.

The tests ended with the usual promotion of school age in the category Benjamin and Multiesport where Damià Puigcerver just in seventh place.

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