Tennis School Tennis Club Dénia held its 'Spring Trimester Tournament'

26 2018 April - 06: 57

Tracks Dénia Tennis Club they were the scene of "Spring Trimester Tournament" that held the tennis school of. All the students enjoyed a good atmosphere and they could see great sportsmanship in all the matches.

Results of champions and finalists

Male 1 Group

Champion-Adrián Romero
Finalist-Iulián Ciobanu
Double-Adrián Moreno and Horst Jacobs

Female 1 Group

Champion-Liselle Voorvaart
Finalist-Sasha Guerrero
Double-Aitana Molina and Ana Bustos

Male 2 Group

Champion-Paco Torrent
Finalist-Teo Torrent
Double-Mathys Menu and Pau Cardona

Female 2 Group

Champion-Lola Blasco
Finalist-Carla Millarengo
Double-Patricia Fernández

Male 3 Group

Champion-Nico Artal
Finalist-Pablo Ramis
Double-Joan Martínez and José Mª Chornet

Female 3 Group

Champion-Galeane Richet
Finalist-Vera Martínez
Double-Sabina Moreno and Vera Martínez

Male 4 Group

Champion-Pau Catalá
Finalist-Joan Escrivá
Double-Luca Navadijos and Pau Catalá

Female 4 Group

Champion-Aitana Lull
Finalist-Sara Vidal
Double-Aitana Lull and Alejandra Vázquez

Male 5 Group

Champion-Carlos Sobrado
Finalist-Manoah Loman

Female 5 Group

Champion-Victoria Berleeva
Finalist-Marina Iborra

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